Friday, July 25, 2008

Suitcase Table

I saw this idea somewhere and decided to try it myself. I bought an old suitcase at a yard sale (ofcourse!) and just sat it on a little side table I had. I got the table at a yard sale too. The suitcase and table were both under $5. In fact I think both of them together were under $5! The table just happened to be almost exactly the same size as the bottom of the suitcase. I change it out for the seasons or for whatever I want to put in it. I put Christmas greenery and lights in it during the winter and it looks pretty. I've gotten compliments on it and how it's unusual. My mom liked it so much that she did one herself in her living room. I have been taking pictures of my kitchen and plan to show them on Monday. Hope you have a restful or exciting (whichever you choose) weekend!


Judy said...

Great idea with the suitcase table! I "made" hubby one for his remote controls/toothpicks/junk mail, etc. next to his leather chair. I actually stacked three sizes on top of each other and just recently we put "legs" on the bottom to raise it up somewhat. He didn't like the new height so I took off the top small suitcase for use elsewhere. Maybe I'll post a pic of it cause it turned out really cute!


Sarah said...

Just browsing and came across your blog. You are very creative and we share a love of toile! I will be back to visit!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I found you by a comment you left on another blog. Glad I did. The suitcase table is great, and the deal on that desk!!!!!!!!!I saw one identical at the Goodwill the other week in very poor repair and the price tag was $45.00 so yes I would have never given up that deal, need or not. I'll be visiting again.

diane said...

O.K., your computer illiterate friend finally figured out how to leave a comment! I've been taking a peak in every couple of days, and I'm really enjoying it. As I've told you when I saw your "suitcase table" in person, I think it's really cute, but then again I always like looking around your house - Everything is always so cozy! Keep 'em coming.

I'm so glad that ya'll came over for supper last night. Being with you always makes me feel young again!