Monday, July 28, 2008

Guest Bedroom/My Office

I was going to show pictures of my kitchen today, but decided to show my guest bedroom/office instead. OK, the kitchen has dirty dishes in and around the sink and I don't feel like washing them right now. I know all of you probably wash your dishes as soon as they're dirty so your kitchen always stays clean. I've also been changing some things around and am not done yet. The walls in my guest bedroom always look limey in pictures, but they don't look that bright in person. I have done the room in mainly black and white. I have always loved that combination and it's easy to decorate with it.

My husband made the picket fence bench in the picture above. You can lift up the seat and there's storage inside. The three pictures hanging above the bed are prints from calendars I matted and framed. I love to buy calendars with pictures I like and use them as wall art. The checked pillow on the bed has a red fleur de lis on it that I stenciled on. One project I want to do is to make some pillowcases. I don't like the His and Hers ones I have on the bed now. I got them as a wedding present and I do like them because somebody cared enough to take the time to make them. But, they would look good in a more vintage looking room, not this room. I also have three boxes of decorating magazines/catalogues on the floor by my desk that I need to find a place for. Sorry, I didn't think you'd care to see that. They're the first thing my son goes to and wants to mess with. I love my decorating books/magazines! I look at them over and over again. Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing this room. None of my rooms are magazine quality, but I like them and that's what matters. Right?!


Sarah said...

I love the bunnies in the room! Especially the moss covered one. It really looks like a nice and inviting room. I might have to talk my husband into making a bench for me!

Joy said...

What a beautiful room! You've made it a lovely place to stay!

Joy said...

This was just a quick visit. I'll be back to visit your cute blog and gaze at your creative projects (it's almost midnight here, and I need to go to sleep).
See you again!

Nikki said...

This room looks so comfy! I love the desk area.

Tricia Anne said...

Hi Angie!
I adore this room! What a sweet place for visitors to come. :o) I was curious about your mats. Did you cover them with scrap book paper or fabric? I love the gingham!!
Have a super day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Miss Janice said...

I'm having the best time looking at all the photos on your blog! You are amazing! I love the three framed calendar prints with the gingham mat and black frames. I would love to do the same with some rooster prints. (went straight to Michael's to get the calendar you blogged about) Are the gingham mats fabric or paper? Would you mind emailing me at Miss Janice {at} Miss Janice {dot} com and telling me how you did the mats? I know you are so busy with your husband and son, but I just love these! Thank you so much for your time!
Miss Janice
P.S. You HAVE to be Southern...I just know it!

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