Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Kitchen Chandelier

I love my fancy chandelier in my kitchen. My husband found it one day while shopping in Lowe's. He saw it on the clearance rack and called me to see if I wanted it. I usually don't want him to buy something for the house until I can see it and put my stamp of approval on it. Well, he kept telling me he thought I'd like it so I told him to go for it. I was thrilled when he got home and I saw it. I love all the crystals on it. I have another chandelier in my eating area that is plain so I want to add some crystals to it to look similar to this one. I saw some in the Christmas section in Hobby Lobby that I may get. You can get cute things to decorate with and use all year long in the Christmas aisles in stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Maybe I'll go look today! Have a great day!


Gypsy aka Tam said...

thank you for visiting my blog. I'll have to add yours to my list. I LOVE your kitchen Chandelier and decorating projects and I will have to catch up on reading here.
Have a great day,

Judy said...

Angie, thanks for visiting me and leaving your wonderful comment! I'm leaving for the beach in about an hour but I had to check you out....your blog is just great and I can't wait to see all your other "pretties" around the house! I'll be adding you to my "favorites" and I look forward to checking you out when I get back next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!