Monday, July 28, 2008

Guest Bedroom/My Office

I was going to show pictures of my kitchen today, but decided to show my guest bedroom/office instead. OK, the kitchen has dirty dishes in and around the sink and I don't feel like washing them right now. I know all of you probably wash your dishes as soon as they're dirty so your kitchen always stays clean. I've also been changing some things around and am not done yet. The walls in my guest bedroom always look limey in pictures, but they don't look that bright in person. I have done the room in mainly black and white. I have always loved that combination and it's easy to decorate with it.

My husband made the picket fence bench in the picture above. You can lift up the seat and there's storage inside. The three pictures hanging above the bed are prints from calendars I matted and framed. I love to buy calendars with pictures I like and use them as wall art. The checked pillow on the bed has a red fleur de lis on it that I stenciled on. One project I want to do is to make some pillowcases. I don't like the His and Hers ones I have on the bed now. I got them as a wedding present and I do like them because somebody cared enough to take the time to make them. But, they would look good in a more vintage looking room, not this room. I also have three boxes of decorating magazines/catalogues on the floor by my desk that I need to find a place for. Sorry, I didn't think you'd care to see that. They're the first thing my son goes to and wants to mess with. I love my decorating books/magazines! I look at them over and over again. Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing this room. None of my rooms are magazine quality, but I like them and that's what matters. Right?!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Suitcase Table

I saw this idea somewhere and decided to try it myself. I bought an old suitcase at a yard sale (ofcourse!) and just sat it on a little side table I had. I got the table at a yard sale too. The suitcase and table were both under $5. In fact I think both of them together were under $5! The table just happened to be almost exactly the same size as the bottom of the suitcase. I change it out for the seasons or for whatever I want to put in it. I put Christmas greenery and lights in it during the winter and it looks pretty. I've gotten compliments on it and how it's unusual. My mom liked it so much that she did one herself in her living room. I have been taking pictures of my kitchen and plan to show them on Monday. Hope you have a restful or exciting (whichever you choose) weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Kitchen Chandelier

I love my fancy chandelier in my kitchen. My husband found it one day while shopping in Lowe's. He saw it on the clearance rack and called me to see if I wanted it. I usually don't want him to buy something for the house until I can see it and put my stamp of approval on it. Well, he kept telling me he thought I'd like it so I told him to go for it. I was thrilled when he got home and I saw it. I love all the crystals on it. I have another chandelier in my eating area that is plain so I want to add some crystals to it to look similar to this one. I saw some in the Christmas section in Hobby Lobby that I may get. You can get cute things to decorate with and use all year long in the Christmas aisles in stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Maybe I'll go look today! Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garage Sale Deals

My mom and I went to some good garage sales last Sat. morning. Sometimes you don't find anything and sometimes you find a lot of good deals. Well, this past weekend was one of those times that proves to me how awesome garage sales are. Let me show you a few of the things I bought.

fruit pitcher $3, cream pitcher $2, french signs $1 each, tray $3

And now for the DEAL OF THE DAY.

I bought this antique desk/dresser (not sure which it is) for....... $20? Nope. $15? Nope. $10? Nope, wrong again. OK, OK quit pouting and I'll tell you. I paid $5 for this antique piece of furniture! Can you believe it???!!! I promise it's true. I don't lie about serious issues like garage sale purchases. The sticker on it said $5 and my mom asked the guy if that was correct. He said that sticker was from something else and that he had $10 on it but would give it to me for $5. Did I need this piece? No, and I had to move a table to find a place for it. But, I just couldn't pass it up. I guess the guy was sane, I'm not really sure. I would probably try to get at least $50 or $60 for it if I was selling it. And that is being conservative. It is in great shape - no painting required. I dusted it off and my dear sweet husband glued a piece onto the bottom left drawer that had come off. It is the type of piece that will go in any room. Right now it is in my dining room and looks better than what was there before. You never know what you will find at garage/yard/estate sales. To those people who know me and live in my town - sleep in on Sat. mornings and don't get out because I don't want you beating me to a good deal!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shutter project

I just love the idea of using shutters inside in different ways. Recently I found some exterior shutters for $1 each at a garage sale and bought 4 of them. I cleaned off 2 of them and distressed them with an electric sander. I couldn't decide what color to paint them so I left them black. Then I hung them on either side of a picture above my couch. I really like how the project turned out and it only cost $2! I put the other 2 shutters in the attic until I decide what to do with them. I might hang something on the shutters over the couch like sconces or a small shelf on each one to sit a lamp on. I'm not sure yet. I can't wait to show you the deal I got at a garage sale this weekend. You won't believe it! Tune in tomorrow!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Like I need another hobby

Do any of you out there scrapbook? I always enjoy browsing through the scrapbook sections at stores and drooling over all the beautiful papers and stickers. I have a collection of scrapbook paper already that I bought just because they were pretty and knew I could find a way to use them. I have covered picture mats and clear plates with scrapbook paper (pictures below) and they turned out cute.

Now I have decided that I may try to use the paper in the way it was meant to be used and do a scrapbook. Hobby Lobby (I visit there frequently) had the albums, papers, and stickers 50% off so I bought some supplies and am going to try it. I want to start out by doing an album about my son and one about my husband and me. I have a friend who has been trying to get me to scrapbook. She does and really likes it. She has some really cute albums that I always want to look at when I'm at her house. Maybe I can get her to give me some pointers. I so don't need another hobby, especially one that involves shopping and spending money. But, I am going to try my hand at it and see if I like it. I'll let you know how it goes. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Foyer

I thought I would let you see some pictures of my foyer. It used to be tan and I thought it looked too blah so a few months ago I painted it and the dining room a yellow gold color. It definitely brightened it up! It turned out more yellow than I wanted, but I like it. I wanted more of a tuscan gold, but I am going to keep it the way it is for now.

Saying I printed out and framed, can change it out for the seasons or for whatever mood I'm in

I like to recover lampshades with pretty fabric and trim. It's hard for me to have a plain lampshade. I'm always looking for an excuse to buy some fabric!

Mirror over door leading into living room

I got the doorway brackets (above picture) from Hobby Lobby. I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY! I bought 12 of them, spray painted them white, and hung them in 6 of my doorways. I love how they turned out. I like easy and inexpensive projects that make a difference and that people actually notice.

My foyer light is an outdoor light from Lowe's.

Black mirror, wall pocket of poppies, and rug

One more thing to show you - my son's play yard that is between the foyer and dining room. I'm sure many of you can relate to how much stuff comes into your house when you have a baby!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my foyer. I am new to uploading pictures so I'll have to practice and get better at it. Some of you bloggers out there do such a great job that I'm sure I'll pale in comparison. But, maybe I can learn from you. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 14, 2008

L-O-N-G day tomorrow

Oh, do I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow! We are having elections in my city and I am working at the polls. I have to be there at 6AM and will probably be there until 8 or after. My mom and a lot of her friends are working also so we'll have fun talking and catching up. I won't get to see my son until I get home - I'll miss him! I am so used to being with him all day every day. He will be with his Mimi and Poppy (my husband's parents). We are so blessed because we live in the town we grew up in and both sets of grandparents live here too. It's great to have ready and willing babysitters!

How do you like my colorful blog with the toile and checks. I love both those wallpaper patterns! I could look at wallpaper and fabric all day because I LOVE pattern. I love seeing toiles, checks, and florals together in a room. It's not an easy thing to do and I am not the greatest at it. I usually try to copy things I've seen in magazines and books. I especially love all the magazines Better Homes and Gardens puts out. Most everything in there is beautiful! Well, except for the modern stuff. Sorry, but it is just not my style and I can't imagine that it ever will be. It just doesn't seem very cozy and inviting to me. But, I guess we all have our own ideas about what is cozy and inviting. I have way too much stuff around to be modern. I am going to try to do a post either tomorrow or Wed. with some pictures of my house. My husband has got to figure out how to do it and then try to teach me. Lord, help him! I am sooooo impatient about the computer. I want it to do what I want it to do and I get irate if it doesn't and then just give up. My husband will stay with something until he figures it out. I am so glad I didn't marry someone like me. Well, I've got to get prepared for my long day tomorrow. Have a great night and a great Tuesday!

And the blogging begins

Well, this is my first post in my newly set up blog so I am a total blog virgin. I have been reading different blogs for awhile now and really enjoy it. I have been thinking about trying to do one myself and finally did tonight. My husband is much better with computers than I am so he will have to help me a lot - he is used to that! I don't know how to load up pictures and make everything look pretty so he will have to show me what to do. The blogs I am most interested in are ones about decorating so that will probably be my main focus. That' s usually what occupies my mind anyway so I might as well write about it. I love to be nosy and look at pictures of other people's house so I'll try to show pictures of my latest projects. I am obsessed with decorating books and magazines and that's what keeps me always changing things in my house. There is always something I see that I want to do to make things look better. I am looking forward to meeting people with similar interests as mine and can always use decorating ideas and advice. Talk to you soon!