Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garage Sale Deals

My mom and I went to some good garage sales last Sat. morning. Sometimes you don't find anything and sometimes you find a lot of good deals. Well, this past weekend was one of those times that proves to me how awesome garage sales are. Let me show you a few of the things I bought.

fruit pitcher $3, cream pitcher $2, french signs $1 each, tray $3

And now for the DEAL OF THE DAY.

I bought this antique desk/dresser (not sure which it is) for....... $20? Nope. $15? Nope. $10? Nope, wrong again. OK, OK quit pouting and I'll tell you. I paid $5 for this antique piece of furniture! Can you believe it???!!! I promise it's true. I don't lie about serious issues like garage sale purchases. The sticker on it said $5 and my mom asked the guy if that was correct. He said that sticker was from something else and that he had $10 on it but would give it to me for $5. Did I need this piece? No, and I had to move a table to find a place for it. But, I just couldn't pass it up. I guess the guy was sane, I'm not really sure. I would probably try to get at least $50 or $60 for it if I was selling it. And that is being conservative. It is in great shape - no painting required. I dusted it off and my dear sweet husband glued a piece onto the bottom left drawer that had come off. It is the type of piece that will go in any room. Right now it is in my dining room and looks better than what was there before. You never know what you will find at garage/yard/estate sales. To those people who know me and live in my town - sleep in on Sat. mornings and don't get out because I don't want you beating me to a good deal!


PAT said...

Great finds all. That desk deal is amazing! Beautiful piece.


Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Angie! Happy you left me a comment, now I know where to find YOU! at home! I love your blog name...that sort of suits me too. I love being at home. Don't really need to go anywhere, unless of course it's out shopping for more stuff for my HOME! Your desk was a GREAT FIND! I love the other bits you got, especially the black & white tray. The shutters look AMAZING like that on the wall, very creative! Well, welcome to blogland! I'll be back to visit soon. ~ Laurie

Gigi said...

My grandmother had a similar piece. It had an oval mirror and a stool, and she called it a vanity. Not sure if your lovely piece is one too, but it did remind me of it.
Great find- so jealous!!