Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Back and Changing Things Around, Of Course

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas like I did! It was so much fun this year since my son is getting older (2 and a half) and into the whole excitement of it all. I have taken down a few things in the kitchen, but all the trees and other decorations are still up. I'll start getting serious about taking it down in a few days. I promised myself I would be more organized this year about packing the stuff up and label boxes so I don't have to keep opening them up to see what's inside. I am always changing things around as a lot of you can relate to. I seem to change my kitchen the most, I guess 'cause it's the easiest room to do. I took down the black and white checked valance in my office/guest bedroom and put it in the kitchen. I bought 2 black and white plates at HL and put them on my plate rack with a rooster plate in the middle. Not sure I am liking it as good as I do my red toile. I always do this - think I want a change and then don't like it as much as the way I had it before and change it back again. But, I love doing it so it's o.k. Hope y'all have a terrific Tuesday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Christmas in My Office/Guest Bedroom

Here are the Christmas decorations I have in my office/guest bedroom. I couldn't decide what to put on the little tree so I just cut strips of ribbon and tied them to the top. The polka dot fabric on the dresser is actually a window valance I made. I just laid it on the dresser to act as a runner. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! It is cold and rainy here and I am just enjoying being inside the house with all the Christmas lights on. I might even try to accomplish something today like wrapping a few presents. That would be a change since I usually wait till a day or two before Christmas to wrap!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in My Living Room

Here are the Christmas decorations I have in my living room. I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures. There are dark areas in here and it's hard to get good pics. My husband has always wanted to have colored lights and I always do white lights. Well, this year I put colored lights in here and love them! I brought my polka dot T canvas I made a while back in from the outside and hung it on an old window on the mantle. I put my tree in the same fabric covered box from last year. I put a chair beside the tree with a few presents in a basket. I don't usually wrap my gifts until right before Christmas. The stockings on the shutter and the one on the chair are ones I made by just hot gluing fabric and ribbon on $1 felt cheapies from Walmart. Hope y'all are having a great week and getting all your shopping done. Hopefully I'll get mine done before Sat. so I don't have to go out much next week. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas In My Foyer and Dining Room

Here are the Christmas decorations in my foyer and dining room. I won't bore you by talking about them. Y'all know I try to make my posts short and sweet. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Few Christmas Additions in the Kitchen

I added a few more Christmas things in the kitchen yesterday. I don't know when to stop! I bought this styrofoam candy cane and put it on a wreath I had and hung it in the window over the sink. I also added 2 more Dollar Tree red trees on the ledge. I saw the idea for the lights in the Mason jars in a magazine a long time ago and had always wanted to try it. I put them in a yard sale white bowl and added some red and green beads. O.K., maybe I am finished decorating the kitchen...MAYBE. Happy Monday to you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Christmas in the Kitchen

I showed the eating area on my last post and here is the other side of the kitchen. The first picture shows a frame I made. I just glued some scrapbook paper and painted wood pieces on it. I just love red, lime green, and polka dots. Hope y'all have an awesome weekend! My mom and I are going on a tour of homes Sat. and I am so excited!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kitchen Eating Area

Here is my kitchen eating area with its Christmas decor. I probably enjoy the tree in here more than any other room because it seems we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The fourth picture shows the chair covers I made out of some fabric that is lime green with candy canes on it. These were made by me pressing down seams and hot gluing them. Very easy! I don't really know a good way to explain it. I used some scrap fabric and made one before I made these to make sure my measurements were right and it would slip down over the chair back. It is basically a pillowcase. They are not professional looking by any means, but that's O.K. 'cause they cost hardly nothing and I may not even want to use them next year. I like to do different things each year. I am off to bed so goodnight and have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decorating Your Lamps

An easy thing I like to do to add some Christmas around is to embellish my lamps with things like ornaments, ribbon, and even a chalkboard like in the first picture. I love details like this. I may be the only one who notices them, but that's alright. I decorate for myself as much as I do for other people. Don't you? Have a terrific Tuesday y'all!