Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Arrangement above Dry Sink

I hung this clock and plates over my dry sink in the dining room. It needed something since I moved the other big clock from here into the kitchen on my new stove hood. I already had everything and am pretty happy with the arrangement. Don't look too close 'cause the plates may not be exactly hung the same on each side. It is such a pain to try to hang several things and get them even. I never seem to get it just right, but hopefully I am the only one who notices. Some people asked about how my husband built the stove hood and I don't want you to think I am ignoring you. I am going to do a post about it soon. Have a terrific Tuesday y'all!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Good Deals

I got some good deals yesterday at Hobby Lobby and Target. I bought the 3 plaques/pictures in the 80% off HL clearance for $9.63 with tax. Not bad for 3 cute pieces! Target has their plastic dinnerware 30% off (it's already cheap) and I got 2 green plates, 2 yellow plates, and 2 red cups for around $4. I put them on my little table on my patio and plan on just leaving it set like this. I already had the red and white checked salad plates. I hate that I haven't been posting much. There hasn't been too much decorating and creativity happening lately. Hope you have had a great week and will have a fabulous weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Floral Tole Tray

I showed y'all this floral tole tray I got for $1 at a yard sale several weeks ago. I was thrilled and want more like this one with the black background. I have seen them hung on a wall as a collection in magazines and think they are just beautiful. I decided to hang it with my chalkboard (made out of a old frame I painted white) over the bench in my dining room. I am liking it for now, but I do change things around so it may end up in my kitchen in the future. Hope y'all are having a great week and staying cool. It is hot where I live - close to 100 degrees and VERY humid! But, that's all part of living here in the deep South. My hubby finally set up our pool yesterday so I'll probably have to take a dip in it this afternoon. Happy Tuesday to you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Vent Hood

I am so excited to show y'all the new vent hood my wonderful husband made for me. It may be my most favorite project he has ever done. You can see there were 2 small cabinet doors over the stove before. He took them off and used beadboard and molding to cover the metal hood and cabinet openings. He redid the electrical stuff so now the buttons for the fan and light are on the right hand side. I aged it with glaze like the beadboard backsplash. I know my cabinets are white and not aged too, but I like the contrast and wanted the hood to stand out and look old. I moved my new clock out of the dining room and have it leaning on the ledge of the hood. It definitely makes a statement 'cause it is so large. I will have fun changing out what I put up there like a tray, picture, wreath, iron piece...lots of possibilities. Hope y'all are having a great week!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies

I had a pretty good yard saling day on Saturday. Here are some of the goodies I got:
*lampshade - $1
*rustic rooster - $1
*rooster on chair container - $1
*new apothecary jar - $1
*small white pitcher - 10 cents
*rooster/harlequin container - $1
*new purse - $1.50
*rooster pillow - $2
*bees/fleur de lis placemat - 25 cents
TOTAL = $8.35

Have a marvelous Monday everybody!!!