Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Still Alive and Still Decorating, Of Course!!!

Yes, y'all...I am still alive and still decorating like always!  I haven't posted in so long and this Blogger thang has changed so I am going to try to do a little post to see if I can figure everything out.  I am sure I'll have to get my smart techy hubby to help me 'cause I am very technologically challenged!  Hope y'all are all doing great and will welcome me back.  I have missed blogging and will hopefully get back on some kind of schedule, even if it's just doing a post once a week.  

 Got a new/old hutch a while back from a consignment store.  It is  a good bit bigger than the other 2 I had in here.  Yes, I am on my third hutch...crazy, I know.  It looks nothing like this now, but I'll just show you the before today.  I am forever changing what I have on it.  Hope y'all have an awesome day!