Monday, July 14, 2008

And the blogging begins

Well, this is my first post in my newly set up blog so I am a total blog virgin. I have been reading different blogs for awhile now and really enjoy it. I have been thinking about trying to do one myself and finally did tonight. My husband is much better with computers than I am so he will have to help me a lot - he is used to that! I don't know how to load up pictures and make everything look pretty so he will have to show me what to do. The blogs I am most interested in are ones about decorating so that will probably be my main focus. That' s usually what occupies my mind anyway so I might as well write about it. I love to be nosy and look at pictures of other people's house so I'll try to show pictures of my latest projects. I am obsessed with decorating books and magazines and that's what keeps me always changing things in my house. There is always something I see that I want to do to make things look better. I am looking forward to meeting people with similar interests as mine and can always use decorating ideas and advice. Talk to you soon!


Tricia Anne said...

Hi Angie!
I just had to tell you something! I went to town (to the library) and ran into a thrift store. I walked the isles and headed out the door empty handed. I even told the cashier that I am breaking tradition...I bought nothing! Well I see their "garage" door open and so I peek inside and it says old furniture and appliances. I had no idea there was another spot for the store. I found some shutters and ran back in and asked the cashier how much they would be. She told me $4.00! I am so thrilled I can not stand it! There were two other sets that I am DYING to show my husband. They are very tall and I KNOW just where I want them! Augh!!! :o) I left you a quick note about a couple other finds I had about raining blessings! Goodness, I had no idea I would be so fortunate today! Oh, plus I found some red toile on Etsy, it was a 1/2 yard remnant, so I bought it. It is looking like a great table runner in no time!!! All falling into pulling red into my living room!
Ok, will give your eyes a rest! I hope I am not too much of a pest. I saw this particular blog did not have a comment, so filled it up.
Have a great rest of your day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Carola said...

hola amiga; me encantó tu blog!!.. me demoré toda una tarde en verlo entero hermoso todo lo que nos compartes ,la decoración es genial!!..
a mí también me gusta todo lo relacionado con decoración.
felicidades y cariños.
desde Chile.